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Here are some common tasks and responsibilities associated with role of CyberArk Administrator:


Seeking a CyberArk administrator responsible for managing CyberArk production environment managing more than twenty thousand accounts.

Highly motivated candidates for CyberArk Administrator position with networking background and or similar educational background.

This position performs Administration & Support for a CyberArk deployment as well as other related systems or technologies required to sustain and maintain capabilities of the services.

Successful candidate must possess and be able to demonstrate technical skills and engineering attitude for success, dedication and commitment.


  • Troubleshooting system and application accounts in a diverse systems/application architecture.
  • Demonstrated experience with Administering a CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault – deployment and detailed knowledge of the following CyberArk components confirmed by related work experience:
  • PSM, CPM, AIM • PVWA, Vault Administration, Disaster Recovery
  • Maturity and discipline to follow established processes and detailed technical procedures to ensure consistency and predictability • Demonstrated experience with developing and following processes, templates, instructions, presentations and progress measurement material.
  • Demonstrated ability to work on virtual teams and must possess good interpersonal skills
  • Must be familiar with password rotations, password malfunctions, account creations, account changes, accounts integrations, maintaining/creating new safes, and CyberArk policies.
  • Further responsibilities include managing EPV(Enterprise Password Vault) with respect to information/systems security and identity/access management.
  • Candidates may be required to provide end-user training and CyberArk infrastructure management.
  • Create Documents for end users.

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