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CyberArk – Use cases, Components and CyberArk consultants

What are the components of CyberArk?

Privileged Access Security Solution Architecture
The CyberArk Digital Vault is the most secure place in the network where sensitive data can be stored. …
The Password Vault Web Access Interface. …
PrivateArk Administrative Interfaces. …
The Central Policy Manager. …
Privileged Session Manager. …
Privileged Session Manager for SSH. …
Privileged Session Manager for Web.

What is CyberArk used for?

CyberArk is predominantly a security tool used for the security of privileged accounts through password management. It protects the privileged accounts in the organizations by way of maintaining the passwords automatically.  It logs and audits privileged account use, and will automatically generate a new password every time someone “checks out” a password.

Why CyberArk is required?

Why Your Business Needs PSM

Integrate with ticketing systems and change controls. Control access to servers with policy-based access control. Make restrictions on the privileged session duration. Notices privileged sessions with the ability to terminate with suspicious sessions and interact with them.

Who are CyberArk competitors?

Microsoft Azure Active Directory, HashiCorp Vault, Thycotic Secret Server, and BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access are the most popular alternatives and competitors to CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution.

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